Solved: Oauth for Guacamole. URI extensions x2 added

Edit2: I had to split the addPrefix middleware from the rest of the chain and it seems to work fine now.

I commented out - middleware-guacamole-add-guacamole-ext from the middleware chain and made my guacamole compose label look like this:

- "traefik.http.routers.guacamole.middlewares=chain-guacamole@file,middleware-guacamole-add-guacamole-ext@file"

Edit: As an update, this happens with both Google Oauth and Authelia and for any address that I need to add a URI to. Pihole is another example as it needs /admin appended.

Hello there. I am trying to use Google Oauth with Traefik and Guacamole. Guacamole requires a URI extension of /guacamole. I have added this to middlewares and it works fine but when I need to authenticate through Google, the forwardAuth seems to take the address as passed to it (, the authentication occurs and then Traefik runs the approved request back through the middleware adding /guacamole again like shown here.

Is this a configuration change I need to make in Traefik or the thomseddon/traefik-forward-auth container not to double up on the URI? It works fine once I am authenticated if I just retype the web address ( but I would like to figure out how to solve the issue.

Here is my middleware:

    prefix: "/guacamole"

and to the following chain:

          - middleware-guacamole-add-guacamole-ext
          - middleware-ratelimit
          - middleware-default-headers
          - middleware-oauth

My Oauth compose is here and my Traefik compose is here. My Guacamole compose is here