Redirecting to sub domain

I want to use guacamole in a docker container, how ever for some reason the guacamole app is at the /guacamole subpath.
How do Setup traefik so that redirects to the app at :8080/guacamole?

I tried to write a config file and directly pointing to the path:

      rule: "Host(``)"
      entryPoints: websecure
      service: guacamole
      tls: true
          - url: "http://guacamole:8080/guacamole"

But I still have to access to reach guacamole.

If it is not possible to point the service directly to this path, how do I setup the regex middleware that the subpath is added when it is missing?

A solution using docker labels would be appreciated.

You can try addprefix middleware, which will add a prefix to the path forwarded to the target. Remember that a middleware needs to be assigned.

If you app is not made for this kind of path bending, it may not work. If your app redirects you to /guacamole after login and addprefix turns it into /guacamole/guacamole, then it won't work.