Slow traefik and Jaeger Tracing details

i'm pretty new to traefik so maybe obvious stuff but I was not able to find my answer into different docs/github/communities.

I have a GKE cluster with traefik with traefik which manage my ingress, and https certif.
Basically everything is working correctly but it is slow.
I added jaeger tracing in order to try to see more details/info but not really helpful.
For example, I have a rails webpage hosted into my cluster (ingress, service, pod, the standard kubernetes stuffs).
When I access from inside the cluster (directly from the app pod, or from another pod without use of traefik) it's pretty quick to answer.
When I access it from outside, the jaeger traces give me Entrypoints HTTPS duration around 10sec. and same duration for the Forward Step.
Just to confirm first, does it mean that it is traefik which took these 10sec just to forward the request? or it is the full duration of the request + reply here?

Also what could you suggest to have deeper view about such latency ?

I already tried to modify the traefik number of pods, but not helpful.
I already tried to modify the ressources request/limits, but not helpful, and current ressources requests I set are huge according to the real ram/cpu usage I can see on traefik process.

many thanks for any help!