Setting up maxRequestBodyBytes for dedicated urls / api routes (Docker)

Hi there,

I have migrated my docker-compose stack from nginx to traefik. Unfortunately there is one feature I did not find out how to set it up:

This is my nginx config:

location /maps/upload {
    client_max_body_size 64m;
location /mods/upload {
    client_max_body_size 350m;

Basically, it applies two special settings for 2 unique routes of the whole API. All other routes are restricted to lower file sizes by their default settings.

How can I achieve the same thing in Traefik using docker labels? I have read about maxRequestBodyBytes but as far as I understand I can setup this only globally for a frontend and since I use Docker I only have one frontend. And it looks like mixing file frontends with docker backends is only possible in Traefik v2.

Hello @Brutus5000,

To enable the max body size configuration, you have to enable the buffering middleware:

They can be enabled via docker labels:

If you want to set different sizes for different paths on docker containers, you need to use segments to define configurations for both:

Hi @daniel.tomcej,

I think that is the limitation I have issues with. My application is listening on one port only. If I understand the docs currently (and this matches my tests) I can only apply on segment and only set one single label for maxRequestBodyBytes.
Additional segments are just being ignored.

Hello @Brutus5000,

You can have multiple segments that define the same port :slight_smile:

Having multiple segments allows you to use different path/Host matchers on that port.