Upload size >2GB?


How do I configure traefik v2.7.x to handle uploads that are >2GB?
I'm hosting an application which takes backup file via a web interface to restore, but as soon as I go larger than 2GB, it breaks the entire application. Traefik does not seem to handle a value larger than 2 GB.

I have already set my config params like this:

value for all 4 params is set to 2000000000 equivalent of 2GB
As soon as I go higher to even 2000000001, Traefik just cuts everything.

How can I go higher? I need to go higher.
I can't find any documentation about a hard limit.
Can somebody please shed some light on how to solve this?

Thank you!


Can you provide the logs?
Can you provide information about your environment? (OS, arch, etc.)

There are no hardcoded limits inside Traefik.

Hello @Idez

Thanks for your feedback.
The logs don't show anything helpful, only same problem as the error I mentioned about entity too large, nothing else.

I'm running a single VPS with Docker and Portainer.io to manage the containers.
The VPS is running containers for Portainer, Traefik and a Python based application with PostgreSQL.

I have this exact same setup running on several VPS servers, each running the same containers. Only difference is in the Portainer version (ranging 2.9 to 2.11) and Traefik (ranging version 2.6 to 2.8) but they all have identical configuration, except for the domain names used in the config.

Do you have any example configuration how I should be configuring it for large file transfers? Anything else you need for details?

Any update/feedback yet? I'm still having this problem.