Serving private and public requests?


Can anyone help?

I have traefik setup serving public requests that come via the internet

Public ip > docker ip > traefik > route to all private backends.

This is working great but I have some sites I am only want to route if being accessed from my internal network.

I started traffik like this


i don't think i can put an ip in there as i don't know the ip of the container (it can change when the container is recreated that traefik is running on)

I was wondering what my options are ?

So to clarify its to continue serving requests coming via the internet into the container but also to serve only specific sites from the internal network - and locking these down.

I have my own internal dns (core dns) so i can set this up to forward to traefik internally using a domain.

A little confused of how to proceed

Anybody doing something similar ?

Right now, my traefik listens on app ips - so nto sure how it knows where its coming from.

Thanks in advance