Service exposed via IP address


since a few days I'm using Traefik as primary reverse proxy in front of some dockerized services.
So far I was able to get most of the things up and running.

Now I came across an issue that a client which needs to access such a service is only able to do this via IP address and not hostname. This is still HTTP(S) and I could put this connection under a dedicated port number.
So I was trying to find out how I can configure traefik to route everything (including direct IP access) targeted at this port number to that service but I somewhat fail to find how this could be done. I tried Host(*) (and obviously the single entry point only which is not used from any other router) but this also just leads to a 404.
I do also not want to expose the service port on the host directly and bypass traefik because the service does not provide basic auth and ssl what I still would like to use and have configured in traefik.
Any hints?


Nobody any hint for such a case?