Scaling Traefik to hundreds of thousands of routes

I'm exploring Traefik to provide ingress for a densely-packed Kubernetes cluster which hosts hundreds of thousands of websites.

Are there any case studies from companies that are operating at a similar scale? What are the factors I would need to consider when operating Traefik at this scale?

For context, here is the rough scale that I'm designing for:

  • 200,000 HTTP routes, matching on Host
  • Backed by ~1,000 Services
  • Route configuration changes a few times every hour on average
  • TLS is terminated by the CDN in front of this layer, so Traefik only needs a single SSL certificate to secure the connection from the CDN

To support this, I think we'd have ~1000 Ingress resources (1 per service). Each Ingress resource would have ~200 routes on average. There would be an Ingress resource changed every several minutes, but during maintenance operations we might experience a much higher rate of change.

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Hey Michael,

Thank you for your message and your interest in Traefik!
Concerning this particular request we have several use cases with large-scale usage to present to you. One of our teammates will contact you to go further on this topic with you.