Scalability of traefik with hostnames on google kubernetes engine

I am new to Traefik (and to proxies in general). I have a use case that involves running docker containers (workshop materials inside) and would like to use hostname routing. There may be as many as 800 hostnames in use at a time, each configured via kubernetes on Google via individual ingress/service/deployments. These backends are a bit compute-intensive, but network over the proxy should be limited. I am curious whether it seems reasonable to proxy 800 hostnames through Traefik; I haven't been able to find resources that describe such a setup in practice. I have a working prototype in place, but load-testing is not something I have tried to do, so I am not really looking for technical "how-to-do-it", but more about any experience with something larger than a toy example.

Any experience or insight you can share is greatly appreciated.