Running Traefik on k3s but some certs being pulled from a different local docker

I only have 1 external static Public IP
And I have Traefik running in k3s and I would like to have addtional Docker environments on different Local IP's to be able to comunicate to that Traefik on k3s.
I have sites that run on both k3s and docker. Is it possible to have the container sites on a different local IP comunicate with the Traefik on k3s in order to setup the proxy needed with letsencrypt certs.
Or is ther another way to have this setup?

I'm not sure what you are asking. In particular, I'm not sure what do you mean by "communicate with the Traefik". Communicate in which way? Traefik is a proxy and and your browser and other client application that need to access something behind the proxy communicated with Traefik via http(s), whether or not it is possible for other containers to communicate with the Traefik depends entirely on your networking set up.

I still have feeling that you asked something else, but I cannot figure out what that is.

Specifically using labels on the container being launched on a separate local computer running docker and those labels getting the appropriate setup of the reverse proxy on traefik and ssl on the k3s cluster.

This is not a common scenario but you can try it. I'm not sure if it can work. You cannot have two docker configuration providers, and you cannot have two kubernetes configuration providers in the same Traefik instance, but you can have one of each. Having said that, I never tried to run a docker provider, while running traefik outside of that docker instamce. I suspect that it either could be tricky to configure, or outright impossible if traefik relies on in-docker network connectivity. You will have to figure out how to route request from traefik to IP address on a docker internal network. If you are an experienced network engeneer, you have a chance to set up the routing correctly, or prove that it's impossible. I personally have not attempted this and have not read about anyone doing this.