Traefik routing to another Traefik


I currently have a server running docker containers fronted by a Traefik instance. This works perfect. It is reachable trough Now i need to spin up another VM which is going to run K3S with a traefik proxy. This VM is on the same server as the first Traefik instance and thus also only reachable by the same IP address as the first one. I got another domain name for it, But now i need to figure out how to set this up.

I cannot get to work that the domainA traefik routes everything for to the second traefik. I would like to have SSL termination on the TraefikB instance itself, so it can serve its own certs and stuff. Is this possible? How would i go about this? Or do i maybe need to put an NGINX proxy in front of the two splitting the traffic to each traefik based on domain? Any advice on this kind of setup?

Due to certain technical limitations i cannot separate the 2 to have different IP's.

Thanks in advance!