Routing subdomains to Multiple Traefik instances

Hey Team,

I'm current working with Traefik to implement a (hopefully) easy to manage external facing web proxy that can serve data for multiple domains/subdomains of different needs. Due to this requirement I have segregated the internal host network into multiple LXC containers with Docker containers within to manage each service. I'm looking to set up a Docker Traefik container on each LXC to handle routing for a specific subdomain and any levels below it e.g (* && I'm hoping to manage this router with one primary Traefik instance as shown below.

I'm unsure if I'm asking a bit to much of Traefik by doing this? I have attempted to set this up multiple times but only receive 404 Not Found or Bad Gateway erorrs depending on my configuration.

Is there any documentation/guides on setting this up? Thanks in advance team, your help is much appreciated.


Kind regards

Hey Team,

I have managed to get the above working! HostRegex was the key to resolving this and routing a subdomains data Traefik instance.

rule: HostRegexp(, {subdomain:[a-z]+}