Routing rule for IP instead of hostname

Hi folks

traefik is doing its thing very well in our "office environment" and as long as I can use a hostname.
But with our new use case I will access an influxDB on our server running traefik. The critical point is now, that I came from a restricted vLAN where only IP's are forwarded to the external.

Now I only can request the influxDB with IPofServer:8086. Now I hav no idea how handle this in my docker-compose-file. Currently I have this rule for hostname:

      - "traefik.http.routers.influx-gwa-ssl.entryPoints=influxDB"
      - "traefik.http.routers.influx-gwa-ssl.rule=host(``,``,``)"

Would appreciate any help to handle the request with IP?


TCP/IP is "only IPs".

DNS is used up front to resolve a domain name to an IP, then the connection is established to an IP address.

Is DNS itself blocked?

But even DNS is just using IP, connecting to the DNS server IP, configured or announced via DHCP, on port 53.

As far as I know, the restricted vLAN doesn't have a DNS. it's all IP-based. The firewall can only handle IP's.
Due to the fact, that this is a company network with some internal security policies I can't change the fact, that I can only call a IP from the restricted vLAN.

You can use Host(``) for http routers.

At least browsers send the IP in the HTTP Host header, so it can be matched by Traefik.