Router self naming and defaults?


I just switched from v1 to v2 and the concept of routers seems to be a new addition that I am not sure how to deal with properly.

In v1, I could just make a docker-compose file, add some labels for the hostname and traefik.enable=true and it would just work. But now it seems I have to specify a unique router name for each service, and give it an entrypoint and certresolver.

So rather than just plug and play, I have to find a unique router name for the service, and add more labels to specify details that will be the same everywhere (entrypoint and certresolver).

So I have the following questions:

  • Can I just specify the Host rule through the labels, and let traefik deal with naming the router according to the service?
  • Can I specify defaults?, because pretty much all routers will use websecure and the same certresolver