Can docker labels be used without assigning a custom router or service name?

Is it possible, under the docker provider, to specify configuration options via labels without creating a custom name for each router or service? I would much rather let traefik determine the router and service names for my containers rather than having to manage and avoid conflicts myself. However most containers I use will always need a few non-default labels to define things such as server port and middlewares.

If traefik creates router/servers automatically, it will assign it a name. If you create it by specifying labels you will need to provide a name. Chose a naming convention that makes sense to you and stick to it. This way you will avoid the conflicts.

I guess what i am asking though is if providing/overriding configuration values via labels requires you to create a name or if there is a syntax that allows you to specify values without also naming the router/service. The v1 syntax for instance had no concept of names for specifying parameters via docker label.

I believe that this is the exhaustive list of everything you could use labels for. If it's not there then it does not exist.

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Configuration has changed from 1.x to 2.x, no doubt but there was a similar concept in 1.x E.g: Segment Labels

Right I was simply hoping to avoid having to come up with a router and or service name for each container that i wanted to customize configurations for. It makes for less typing in the run command and easier copying similar configuration labels from other containers. Also coming up with and adhering to a naming convention seems like overkill when all i wanted to do was throw a compression middleware on a few containers and specify the port to use on another.

Have you solved it? please.