Renew Let's encrypt certificate

I am running the traefik docker image with tag 1.7-alpine.

Because of this issue with Let's encrypt I am forced to renew the certificate manually to make sure that the active certificate won't be revoked.

How can I force traefik to renew the LE certificate although it is currently valid and not about to expire?


We created a small lego to clean acme.json file:

You have to clean acme.json file with the tool and restart the Traefik.

Is it possible to renew the certificates before they are revoked? The web page which the tool uses reports that my certificates are OK now, but they'll be revoked soon.

wget -O- --post-data="fqdn=xyz"

The certificate currently available on xyz is OK...

Edit: Never mind. I removed the corresponding certificate entries in my acme.json manually instead and restarted the container.

I opted for the easy way and just deleted the acme.json file. After a restart of traefik new certificates were issued by Let's Encrypt.
I guess the tool provided by Idez is the safer and more elegant option.