Remove Request Headers File Provider v1.7

Hi, I'm trying to strip all headers from an incoming request to a microcontroller based server.

Traefik v1.7

File Provider in traefik.toml

The problem I'm having is that with the limited capacity of the microcontroller, it can't process a full header sent by modern browsers. I've tested it with a postman like request and that successfully returns a response from the microcontroller server.

When I try to access it from a regular browser like firefox, the header is too long.

I've tried the X-Custom-Request-Header = "" Which according to the documentation should remove the headers and I've also tried the passHostHeader = false route. Neither works.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

          url = ""

    backend = "backend-esp32"
    passHostHeader = false

      rule = ""

    X-Custom-Request-Header = "" # Removes