Redundant ingress controller deployments

Hello! New to Traefik :slight_smile: Wanted to ask if it's a legit use case to deploy multiple traefik deployments using same ingressClass name but different loadbalancer dns names.
The goal is to be able to turn one of the instances off during version upgrades.
Did an initial try and it feels like traefik is able to handle http requests properly. Are there any know limitations deploying like this?


Hi @dtotopus, thanks for your interest in Traefik!

In general, there is no limitation.
However, if you use Traefik with Let's Encrypt, you could run into issues because you could hit the rate limit of it fast.
You could use cert manger to avoid this.
Or, if it would fit your need, you could look into Traefik Enterprise.

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That is great! Thanks a lot! Regarding certificates that is not an issue as we're already using cert manager. Kudos to the Traefik team! Being able to run multiple ingresses side by side will save us a lot of neurons during version upgrades on production envs :blush: