Question: ForwardAuth selective endpoints


Does any know how to apply the forwardAuth middleware on a service to just a selective set of endpoints ?

For instance, I don't want to apply the forwardAuth middleware to requests for CSS, JS and other static resources like images that do not require auth on my service providing the web UI.

I did try defining another router on the service that had the same Host(...) but with a PathPrefix(...) just set to the /api/ end points and applying the forwardAuth middleware to just that router, but it didn't work.

Possibly something to do with me setting up the router but I can't find any examples of similar setups where the forwardAuth is only to be applied to a sub-set of endpoints.

Suggestions here would be great.

This does now work after applying the the middleware to the correct router, small oversight in my stack yml files configuration.

Now I just need to work out a regexp that excludes all the endpoints I don't want to apply the auth middleware too.