Question about container_name

What is the main reason that traefik communicates with other containers by IP and not by aliases such as the name of the container (container_name from docker-compose.yml)?
Is there a technical problem with this? Or it is just faster?

I will be grateful for any answer!


can you explain why the answer to this question is important to you?

I thought that if we used the internal docker's DNS resolver, we could not specify the network in ( in case when our app container has 1+ networks)

But actually, I'm just wondering why exactly over IP. If there is technical value in it, I would use this approach in my programs.

Traefik load balances incoming requests to the target services via their IP. When talking to a container via their service name through Docker DNS, it could not direct requests to a certain container, when using Docker service with multiple instances.

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Are you about scale factor of service?

Yes. Traefik is for professional use, so targer services will mostly have multiple containers each.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

Additional note: when using Swarm, you can let Swarm do the load balancing, but it still seems to use IP, not names. (Doc)

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