Access dockers by name

I have several dockers which I reach to thier web interface by server_ip:port,
traefik 2.2 running as reverse proxy and load balancer ,

Q -
Im little confuse and not even sure Traefik can do that ...or actually what can,
But if traefik can work as reverse proxy and load balancer ...well maybe it also do that somehow:)
not sure what needed to accomplish that -
I'd like to have the option accessing the docker web interface by docker name (internally and not from outside )

Are you looking something like:
Using Hostname instead of IP on Swarm servers and providing usage of templates such as Task.Slot by marcelo-ochoa · Pull Request #7775 · traefik/traefik · GitHub
I submitted above PR to use sticky session cookie to locate an specific container:port using hostname.
If it is the functionality that you are looking for you could reopen the PR or vote to reopen.

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