Problems building binary

I am building the traefik executable using the Go method.

Upon running: make clean-webui generate-webui
I get the error: make: *** No rule to make target 'clean-webui'. Stop

Upon running: go build ./cmd/traefik
I get the error: go: downloading GitHub - marten-seemann/qtls-go1-17: Go standard library TLS 1.3 implementation, modified for QUIC. For Go 1.17. v0.1.0
webui\embed.go:8:12: pattern static: no matching files found

Hello @stzoid,

I updated the master branch (Merge current v2.6 into master by tomMoulard · Pull Request #8793 · traefik/traefik · GitHub), can you retry now ?

As you can see here : Building and Testing - Traefik.
To build the binary, one should do go generate before go build ./cmd/traefik/.

Hope it helps

Updating did fix the build issue, thank you.

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