Problem configuring with mssql

Hi, I am trying to configure traefik to use the reverse proxy for a mssql container.
I added the entrypoint 1433 in treafik container and add these labels to the mssql container.
I double check these but the TCP Route does not appear in the traefik dashboard. what am I missing?
I am using traefik 2.9.6 with dynamic configuration, this is the entrypoint I added and expose the same port to the public (1433)
- --entrypoints.mssql.address=:1433

traefik.tcp.routers.mssql.entrypoints=	mssql
traefik.tcp.routers.mssql.rule=	HostSNI("*")
traefik.tcp.routers.mssql.service=	mssql
traefik.tcp.routers.mssql.tls=	false	1433

Your rule should be ok, even without TLS.


I would remove the empty spaces after = and check that your containers are on the same Docker network.

Do you need traefik.enable=true for Configuration Discovery?

Check your Traefik debug log.

If you still have issues, I recommend to post full static and dynamic configuration and docker-compose.yml if used.

oooooooooooh snap!
I forgot to put traefik.enable=true
The whitespaces are from the copy and paste...


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