Newbie question, i found no instructions on installing the maesh controller

I followed your instructions to install maesh via helm and everything worked according to the command line outputs

then i went to the kubernetes system logs and this was prevalent... perhaps tutorials need updating?

found no controllers for pod "maesh-mesh

thanks much!

Hello @tofu_minx,

I'm not sure to follow you but I'll try to answer :smiley:

As you said and as explained in our installation guide we support Helm to install Maesh on a Kubernetes cluster. This will install the mesh proxies and also the maesh controller, which runs in a Kubernetes pod inside your cluster.

Here is the output of the kubectl get pods command on my cluster (1 worker + 2 Nodes):

$ kubectl get pods
NAME                                READY   STATUS            RESTARTS   AGE
maesh-controller-5b45655689-vj24w   1/1     Running           0          80s
maesh-mesh-chddn                    1/1     Running           0          80s
maesh-mesh-gfknb                    1/1     Running           0          73s

Here is the output of the kubectl logs maesh-controller-5b45655689-vj24w command:

$ kubectl logs maesh-controller-5b45655689-vj24w
time="2020-05-15T08:36:15Z" level=info msg="Configuration loaded from flags."
time="2020-05-15T08:36:15Z" level=info msg="Checking DNS provider"
time="2020-05-15T08:36:15Z" level=info msg="Checking CoreDNS"
time="2020-05-15T08:36:15Z" level=info msg="CoreDNS match"
time="2020-05-15T08:36:16Z" level=info msg="Creating initial mesh services"

As you can see, the controller has been installed by Helm and is running in a Kubernetes pod inside your cluster.

Hope this helps!