Maesh on Kubernetes windows nodes?

I'm looking at maesh to solve some routing and traffic shifting issues in our mixed OS AKS cluster. I see that up to v1.1, Windows binaries were supplied but have since dropped off. Also, the helm chart (understandably) doesn't cater for windows nodes.

Is Maesh supported on windows nodes in Kubernetes?

Hello @mddev,

Thanks for your interest in Maesh :smiley:

We removed the build of the Windows binaries because of build timeout issues during the release of v1.2. I've opened an issue to reconsider providing a binary for Windows but there is no plan to modify the Helm chart or provide a docker image for this platform.

Thanks for the update Kevin. Happy to build our own images and manage deployment for now. Just wanted to confirm that there's no incompatibility with the differences in the underlying networking implementations of linux vs windows.

Can you detail your "traffic shifting issues in our mixed OS AKS cluster" a bit? I feel like we are on the same boat. Also, did you succeed? Did you really need traefik-maesh, the controller, to be build on windows or is is enough having the deamon set creating traefik proxies according to the spec of the node?