Need step-by-step instructions

I am attempting to set up Traefik V2 on my openmediavault server via docker. I want to expose various containers to the internet safely. I have a CA SSL Certificate for my domain ( so I don't have to bother with LetsEncrypt. I am using Portainer to locally manage my docker containers. All of the tutorials use LetsEncrypt and don't mention using a real certificate.

  • I want to set this up correctly so my home network remains secure.
  • I need to expose the following: nextcloud, heimdall, unifi cloud key
  • I am doing everything through portainer as that will be the default in openmediavault 5 (I am currently on OMV4)
  • I have a CA certifcate for my website domain ( that I want to use. I have used LetsEncrypt before and it fails after a month, no thanks.
  • I have a DynDNS record (via Google Domains) pointing to my house and all of the subdomains are CNAMEs of that record.
  • I am not a docker expert. All docker things need to be explained to me.
  • The Traefik documentation is dizzying and I have 35 years of IT experience. I have no idea where to put or how to access the TOML file.

Please help!