Multiple TCP router on same entrypoint SSH

Hi i have 2 containers port 22
gitea & sftp

possible work together ?
because when i start gitea all traffics are redirect on it.
Sftp doesn't work, but work well when container gitea off.

HostSNI(*) Possible precise domaine same HTTP ?
HostSNI( does not work as HTTP ?

HostSNI(`hostname.domain`) only works for TLS. TLS uses SNI to send the hostname in the TLS handshake.

SSH does not use TLS. So HostSNI(`*`) Must be used for the entrypoint/port as a whole.

Easiest is to use separate ports/entrypoints for each of these.

there is no other solution than to change the port of the container and make an additional endpoint?
not possible as the http router?

No, you'll have to handle it outside of traefik.

ok thank you, i understand...
best regard