One Container/Service, two routers/host/entrypoints - http and https

im trying to run one container/service with two different hostrules. one global dns and one private/local dns. when configuring two routers via labels, the routes vanishes, same as the service.
im running this in bridge network, traefik is part of this, too. i want my global dns using tls/https, this works fine, but when adding .local dns it doenst, or using || to join to Host rules, entrypoint web doenst get satisfied/404

- 'traefik.enable=true'
- ",web,websecure"
- " || Host("
- ""
- ""
- ""
- ""

when doing two routers. e.g. and it vanishes from the i need to workaround with a file-provider?


You do need two routers to enable external with TLS/SSL and internal without.

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