Multiple default certs

is there a way to do something like this.
so i can have multiple default certs

        certResolver: cloudflare
          - main:
              - "*"
          - main:
              - "*"

No, not according to doc:

Traefik can use a default certificate for connections without a SNI, or without a matching domain. This default certificate should be defined in a TLS store

If you have multiple, how should Traefik decide which one to use in case of no match?

i guess default isnt what i want. what i want is somthing that fetchs the certs so all i have to add on a container is traefik.http.routers.panel.tls: true

Declare cert with main/sans domain on the entrypoint (doc), assign the certresolver to the entrypoint.

oh thanks i dont know how i missed that

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