Multiple certificates in TLSstore


I want to use two wildcard certificates in my cluster. One for * and one for *

I have already created a TLSStore containing * as a default certificate replacing the TRAEFIK DEFAULT CERT. This works nicely, and Ingresses specifying a gets this certificate.

Now, I also want to add routes to, and I wonder how this should be done. Is it possible to add more than one certificate to the TLSStore? Does this then need to be referenced somehow by Ingresses or IngressRoutes using hostnames where this certificate is needed, or is it solved automagically?

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For "regular" Traefik with Docker (no kubernetes), we just place multiple wildcard certs in the config:

      minVersion: VersionTLS12
    - certFile: /traefik/
      keyFile: /traefik/
    - certFile: /traefik/
      keyFile: /traefik/