Moving from v1 to v2 helm chart

We've been using the old stable/traefik helm chart for a longer time and are now struggling to move it to the new traefik/traefik chart.

Currently we have been using the following values.yml file

  email: "..."
  enabled: true
  staging: false

  enabled: true
  enforced: true
  permanentRedirect: true

  enabled: true

  type: LoadBalancer
    - ...

Now with the new chart I understand that many of these values have been removed. I am guessing the reason is that they were just used to template the traefik.toml and you are now supposed to supply the toml yourself?

However I am struggling to see how to integrate this into a standard helm deployment. I understand that you can overwrite volumes: [] in the new values.yml and specify a k8s configmap you want to mount inside traffic and that this configmap would contain the traefik.toml. What I am not understanding is: How can you do this with just helm? If I see this correctly, with the new chart I would now need to have a separate step that creates the k8s configmap beforehand and afterwards run my regular deployment?

Or is there another way to achieve my settings from my old values.yml with the new helm chart?