Traefik Helm Chart & Acme on starting up


I'm trying to setup a service with traefik as ingress.

I've an issue when I'm trying to install traefik with the following values for the helm chart (below) : When I upgrade my service (thanks to gitlab CI/CD, made as a chart), it's working, the challenge success and I get certificate.
If I have service running, and install the traefik ingress controller thanks to Helm, certificates generation failed on traefik startup.
I'm trying to solve this issue since many days, I need your help to debug that...
Thanks !


image: traefik
imageTag: 1.7.13

serviceType: LoadBalancer
#replicas: 3
  enabled: true
  enforced: true
  permanentRedirect: true

  enabled: true
  onHostRule: true
  challengeType: "http-01"
  delayBeforeCheck: 120

  enabled: true
## Enable the /metrics endpoint, for now only supports prometheus
## set to true to enable metric collection by prometheus
    httpEnabled: true
    httpsEnabled: true
    dashboardEnabled: false
    httpPort: 80
    httpsPort: 443
    maxSurge: 1
    maxUnavailable: 0
  type: RollingUpdate

#  storeAcme: true
#  importAcme: true
#  consul:
#    endpoint: "consul:8500"
#    watch: true
#    prefix: traefik

I have the same issue, I always get an error 400 :: urn:ietf:params:acme:error:connection :: Fetching Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)
This is only a problem when I'm trying to install through helm chart, when I set it up manually it works perfectly. Please help..!

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Hello @Nainterceptor,

When you say:

Do you have any logs, or anything that you can use to assist?

Also, you have commented out a bunch of your values.yaml snippet. Is that correct, in that everything commented out is commented out in your environment?