Moved Traefik container from one server to another, running into problems

Thanks for helping btw.

Firstly, i just noticed Traefik 2.0 came out when I was about to type this up so its probably something with that but here we go.

I had a server in DigitalOcean that was working fine but started to run out of space and I didnt want to buy extra storage so I decided to move everything over to a personal server. I moved over the config files and tried to replicate the same directory structure so it would be easy to type "docker-compose up -d" and everything should work. Apparently that didn't happen. Traefik is not working, so I check the docker logs:

Quite confused, since i did not get why it couldnt find the entrypoint, I checked my traefik.toml and docker-compose.yml file and they all seem correct:


docker-compose (snippet):

I do not get what the problem is so Im asking for help. Thanks for your time

Are you using traefik 2.0 with configuration from traefik v1? This is not gonna work.

There is a migration guide that can help somewhat with migration. Practically, though I found that configuration had to be rewritten from scratch.