Traefik refuses to start, now can't access my server

I've been using Traefik for some years to provide security for my docker containers, and it's worked fine. Anyway, I'm just now updating my docker setup - which is pretty ancient in docker terms - and I've updated to Traefik version 2.5, which I've pulled with docker-compose. (I have a traefik.toml file which I must have constructed years ago and not looked at since: I'm a set-and-forget sort of guy.)

Anyway, the container simply fails to start. When I enter docker container ls for example, I find, with the Traefik container its status is always something like Restarting (1) 8 seconds ago. (With differing number of seconds.) I have set restart: always in my container definition in my docker-compose file, but I don't know why this is happening. All my other containers start; only Traefik doesn't.

What would be preventing Traefik from starting, or more to the point - how do I find out what the problem is? Thank you!

Hello @amca01

Can you please check the log files, why Traefik instances is not starting? That should be the answer, you can also enable DEBUG logs to have more detailed information.

Many thanks for your reply. All I get from the log is lots and lots of repetitions of

2021/12/14 09:01:11 command traefik error: field not found, node: redirect

I think this is because I haven't created a new config for traefik 2.5, and it can't use my old config. However, I'm still confused...