MIxed mode for Swarm mode and standalone in Traefik 3.0

As I see in Traefik 3.0 will be able to use Traefik Proxy for containers in swarm mode and docker run

Anyone have link to documentation how to configure it ? What kind of labels should I use?

When using a desktop browser, you can see (and change) the Traefik version on left bottom. It’s far from optimal and not usable on mobile.

I think the labels stay the same, for a Swarm service they need to be under deploy. (Swarm doc)

Thanks, but I am asking how to registry stack and standalone docker in Traefik 3.0.

in Traefik version 2.9 is not possible to registry standalone container in Traefik which works as swarmmode.

As I see on presentation of Traefik 3.0 - it will be possible to have stack and standalone containers in the same Traefik

Now I have to use Traefik without swarm mode because I have several containers not stacked

According to doc, use provider.docker and provider.swarm.