Docker Swarm & Docker Standalone together?

Hi there.

I have some containers in Docker Standalone mode and some containers (Services) in Docker Swarm.

Could I run traefik in both modes?
I want to traefik watch on containers (local scope) and watch on services (swarm scope).

Because, currently if I enable swarm mode for traefik, all my containers what have some rules (in labels) would be ignored by traefik. But, I can't use traefik as reverse proxy for swarm scoped services without enabled this mode.

So, what I could / should to do to force traefik watch on containers labels (for standalone mode) and services labels in docker swarm mode or easy way would be is just set for all my standalone containers run as swarm mode (services)?

When you have Docker Swarm already set up, it’s probably the easiest to deploy your container as service. Move labels under deploy, set replica to 1 and set a constraint to the desired hostname.

You could probably set up a second Traefik and forward all unknown requests to it, maybe one using LE with httpChallenge and the second one using tlsChallenge. But not sure if that works.

Yep, suppose I should just move all containers (standalone) to the services (as swarm mode)...