Migrating to a new K8S cluster (and Traaefik)

We have a basic NGINX based ingress setup in AKS. All ingress objects for services have a *.{env}orgname.com which resolves to the Azure Loadbalancer's internal IP.

We plan to spin up a new kubernetes cluster with Traefik without much disruption. My plan is

  1. Spin up new cluster and install Traefik EE
  2. Spin up a VM and spin up TraefikEE and configure routing 5% traffic to new cluster
  3. If needed spin up Traefik EE in the current cluster
  4. Update DNS to use the VM based Traefik EE I.P for above domain name.

Now Traefik in VM should be intercepting requests and forwarding them as per WRR rules?

Is this possible with the Free edition on Traefik v2?
Do we need to keep Azure LB I.P (Old and New) registered to domain in addition to the VM?
If the VM is doing the splitting, then it should not matter If I am using NGINX in the existing cluster (which will be decommissioned once we move to new cluster)

Hello @amani,

You mention that you are wanting to use TraefikEE for this migration. Are you currently an EE customer? If so, we can have our support team reach out to you to discuss this migration.