Logging in traefik 2.10

I run traefik in podman, so I cannot access the real ip of the client, I bypassed this by using cloudflare and setting the correct X-real-ip first thing with a Middleware.
But the access logs still use (rightfully) the local ip of the podman network, and I would like to see the real ips.
the main ways to do this are tell traefik to log the accesses AFTER the Middleware that restores the correct client ip, tell traefik to log using another field (CF-connecting-ip in my case) instead of the ip, or create a Middleware to emulate the logging done by the access log, use that and disable the access logs.
I need the real ips to feed those to crowdsec etc.
What do you think is the best route to follow? any tips? I honestly don't fully understand the project tree and I don't know where to find the access log specs, in case a need to implement the Middleware myself.
Thank you in advance!