Only see docker IP in logs

I am a new user to Traefik and I am struggling to be able to see actual IPs in the access log. I am routing through a Cloudflare tunnel and have setup a Cloudflare real IP plug-in with whitelisted IPs. Problem with is, without one of the actual Cloudflare IPs showing, it won’t show the originating IP. I have the tunnel terminating at my traefik instance and all my services are accessible and working, just no reliable logs. I have tried several suggestions through a google search, including using host mode for the ports. Most how tos I have found are related to docker swarm setups and I am just using docker-compose for traefik. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

In my view the best way to get the original client IP is using ProxyProtocol.

Awesome. Thank you. I will give it a try. I presume the trusted IP list would the be the Cloudflare servers?

Yes, you need to enable in CloudFlare side and on Traefik.

If you search this forum for CloudFlare you will see the list some times in the configs.