Local Kubernetes Microservice development setup

I'm about to start fiddling in an odd use case and looking at where Traefik v2 might fit since we are migrating from v1 at some point anyway. But, we're about to make it less simple with this.

Has anyone solved something similar or have ideas on the following?

The dream:

  • Local Kubernetes for my local development
  • A stable "dev" kubernetes for all the services I'm not working on locally that I need to talk to
  • A *.localdev.devdomain.com I control that I can generate a letsencrypt cert off of
  • Sharing that cert with N other devs
  • Using a simple config to route my 2-3 services to local and everything else to the share dev kubernetes cluster, while my friend down the street builds his microservice locally and hits the shared dev versions of the same services I'm developing locally. This way we don't affect each other.

It might seem ridiculous at this point, but it would be really nice to get a real experience locally for things like our Authentication schemes and such without having to setup some fakery for every microservice I develop. Then I also know what it looks like in reality without having to get it through CI/CD into the dev cluster as well.

Or I'm insane and this really isn't needed. I'm willing to hear that, too :smile:

Thoughts? Tell me if this even interests anyone but me. Would this be useful to your microservices workflows, too?

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