K8s, Traefik and Let's Encrypt

I have been using Traefik with Docker and Let's encrypt, for quite some time.
I'm not trying to switch to Kubernetes, but i have a hard time getting it to work.

So i'm using MicroK8s with Metallb and latest version of Traefik.

I can expose my services using DNS name, without any problems, as long as they are only running Http.

I have looked at the documentation, but my K8S knowledge is not good enought to fully understand it. And the blogs i have founds, are either too old, or does not really work.

I'm ok with just using a single instance Traefik. Soi don't think i need Cert-Manager.
But if any here has any good guides, to how to make it work (any way possible) i would love to hear about them.



This video series on YouTube is the best I've seen on exactly this topic.


Thanks. Exactly what i was looking for (and a lot more). :slight_smile:

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