KubernetesIngress: Cannot create service: subset not found

Hi, i try to setup traefik 2.0rc2 as Kubernetes Ingress Controller

These are my CLI flags

traefik starts bit then i got thes errors

time="2019-09-09T12:53:27Z" level=error msg="Cannot create service: subset not found" namespace=default serviceName=prometheus servicePort=9090 providerName=kubernetes ingress=prometheus

Soemthing is wrong , but what?

I usually get this error if there's a problem with the service. It's not very descriptive, but I believe it happens when the list of pod IPs is null.

What's the output of kubectl get svc prometheus?

I got the same err in k8s,but for crd
- --api
- --api.dashboard=true
- --api.insecure=true
- --accesslog
- --entrypoints.web.Address=:80
- --entrypoints.web.forwardedheaders.insecure=true
- --entrypoints.tcp.Address=:8088
- --entrypoints.tcp.forwardedheaders.insecure=true
- --providers.kubernetescrd
- --ping
- --accesslog=true
- --log=true
,have you resolved this?

I had a missing SecretName in my ingress definition, and i updated ro -rc3 (and finally to v2.0), after the update the error is no longer there