Kasm Browser Isolation - Forward Proxy

How can I set traefik that I can use it for seamless browser isolation like in this Link of Kasm:

I do not know how I can set ?kasm_url=ORIGINAL_URL

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You want to run Kasm server behind Traefik, so proxy all requests to Kasm through Traefik?

yes. I am using now: Bitbucket
that works. But this is not updated since 2019....So better to change...

Any idea to solve it?

in F5 should it be like this written in the documentation:

if { ([HTTP::host] != "kasm.company.local") and ([TCP::local_port] == 80) } {
HTTP:redirect https://kasm.company.local/#/go?kasm_url=http://[HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]
if { ([HTTP::host] != "kasm.company.local") and ([TCP::local_port] == 443) } {
HTTP:redirect https://kasm.company.local/#/go?kasm_url=https://[HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]

So you want to send a redirect back to the browser client, not forward the request to a Kasm server through Traefik?

yes like in the documentation of Browser Isolation — Kasm 1.15.0 documentation

At the moment I am using Kasm Squid, that works without any issues.