redirect trafic to another vm with traefik

I searched on Google without finding an answer to my problem.
I'm new on traefik and I'm trying to understand a little bit better how it works
I have a traefik running on a docker compose that has an ip in and I want to redirect the traffic from to a machine in I can't figure out how to set up the traefik so that it works. For my other apps that run under docker-compose and that are on the same machine everything works perfectly.
any help is welcome

Do you want to "proxy" every request? Just create a router and service in dynamic config, see docs. But that chaining of Traefik may complicate using LetsEncrypt.

If you want to HTTP redirect, you can use a RedirectRegex middleware.

i want that every request from go to my 20.130.
I'll continue to look at the docs and test :slight_smile:

So I assume you want the browser to send the request to Traefik, which in turn forwards the request to your target service. That`s a standard reverse proxy.

Just use static and dynamic configuration and create a router and service, see docs. There should be many examples here on the forum.