K3s with Traefik2 running outside cluster - unable to see any linking

New user to both kubernetes and traefik.

I have followed instructions given in this link to run k3s without the built in traefik, as I already have an instance running on network.

My setup;
k3s installed as HA cluster (using etcd) on 3x Rpi 4, installed with the no-deploy traefik option and using docker rather than containerd
Docker desktop on macOS running traefik:latest

I have enabled providers for file and docker without issue - I can see HTTP routers and services and routing works fine
I can route to k3s pods via file provider without issue

However, when I enable kuberetesCRD provider I dont get any real feedback, and nothing seems to be detected.
I followed the instructions in the link above and even tried using default namespace for the serviceaccount and clusterrolebinding, instead of the suggested kube-system.

I see this in traefik logs;
time="2021-02-22T12:53:44Z" level=info msg="label selector is: """ providerName=kubernetescrd
time="2021-02-22T12:53:44Z" level=info msg="Creating cluster-external Provider client with endpoint" providerName=kubernetescrd
time="2021-02-22T12:53:44Z" level=warning msg="Cross-namespace reference between IngressRoutes and resources is enabled, please ensure that this is expected (see AllowCrossNamespace option)" providerName=kubernetescrd

And a few times a day;
time="2021-02-22T12:59:50Z" level=error msg="Error watching kubernetes events: timed out waiting for controller caches to sync *v1alpha1.TraefikService in namespace """ providerName=kubernetescrd

Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated :grinning:

Beginning to think I need to find away to validate whether the CRD is setup correctly and that the sa has access.

Any pointers on tools or processes for this?

One tool I found - kubenav for iOS - shows that the sa has access to all components, except
Extensions - ingresses/status
And that I don’t see the ingress under ‘normal’ ingress view, only under crd view