Traefik 2.0 problems with kubernetes

I use a K3S Kubernetes Instance. I have installed Traefik 2.0.1 (similar to the Let's Encrypt example but without TLS support) with activated dashbord and insecure mode. I can access the dashbaord. I have installed als IngessRoute:

kind: IngressRoute
  name: simpleingressroute
    - web
  - match: Host(``) && Path(`/whoami`)
    kind: Rule
    - name: whoami
      port: 80

The Traefik Dashboard shows that the IngressRoute was successful installed.
But I can not call the service use the IngressRoute.
I have used but this does'nt work.

Another question is that I have not a fully understanding of the "Traefik - Ingress" way using the IngessRoute over the Kubernetes CRD (CustomResourceDefinition) mechanism.
Normally I would expect that a Ingress Instance would allocate a external IP so I can access a service which is running inside the kubernetes cluster.
For me it lokks like that is not the case with Traefik 2.0 in Kubernetes.
I think I'm missing a piece of information about Traefik 2.0 in Kubernetes.

It would be nice to get a hint.

Best regads


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Hello @abaumann0204,

I’m just an Traefik user like yourself who want to use Traefik.
What is your setup your k3s instance ?
In order to have an external IP allowed you should have in front of your K3s an provider like AWS or GKE which could allocate an external IP throught subscription etc...
As it seems that your are running a classic VM at home, you will not received any external IP but you should use the one of your vm instead.
You shouldn’t mix Ingress definition and IngressRoute on my opinion use one or the other.