Issues while using OTLP HTTP/2.0 and OTLP/gRPC routing

I am using Traefik 2.2 and unable to route the OTLP HTTP/2.0 requests to backend , but was able to successfully route OTLP HTTP/1.1 requests to backend.

Similarly OTLP/gRPC routing is also failing.

I have followed user-guides/grpc steps, but didn't succeed.

I guess both OTLP HTTP/2.0 and OTLP/gRPC uses HTTP2 and traefik is facing issues in handling HTTP2 requests.

Note:- OTLP/HTTP uses Protobuf payloads encoded either in binary format or in JSON format. The Protobuf schema of the messages is the same for OTLP/HTTP and OTLP/gRPC.

Faced issue in routing to OTLP GRPC receiver in line number - 61

Also faced issues in routing to OTLP HTTP2 receiver in line number - 18

Kindly help with any idea,