Import certbot generated certificates to 'acme.json'

Hi there.

I would like to import my already generated SSL certificates to traefik.

To do so I will need to identify:

a) "Certificate". Composed by:

-Public certificate
-Public certificate of CA (letsencrypt)

b) "Key"

-Private certificate

I also compared what cert dump [1] looks like, and I realize that "certificate" and "key" strings in "acme.json" files are not identical to what dumper does, so some kind of transformation has been applied.

Could somebody clarify how to convert from flat SSL certs to "acme.json" format?



I could use a solution for that problem myself. I was wondering if by chance you meanwhile had any further insights.

I forgot to update my post. The answer is using base64. Example, using your public SSH key:

cat ~/.ssh/ | base64

If you need further assistance please let me know.