Failed copy of acme.json

Could you please confirm this (or not):
Imagine that I have a working traefik installation in a docker container with the corresponding acme.json file from Let's Encrypt to access a Wordpress webpage using https. All works great!
Imagine now that I delete that traefik and created a new one, but this time instead of generating a new acme.json file I used the one saved from the initial installation. I though this could work but it does not!
Are the certificates stored in the acme.json somehow linked with a traefik installation besides the acme.json file itself?


the acme.json file contains all information related to LE (certificates, private key, account, ...)
Traefik doesn't have other information than that for the certificates.

So you can re-use or copy the file, if your traefik configuration about acme is the same as the previous one, everything will work.

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That was precisely my though!
But somehow after copying the acme.json file the new traefik does not work!
I have to check it again.
Thanks anyway for your confirmation.