HTTP2/H2C performance improvement (?)

Hi all,

This is not exactly specific to v1 but this is the version I used for testing.

So, we're using traefik extensively for WordPress hosting (100+ live sites, many more in staging and other environments) and it works really well.

I've recently researched HTTP/2 support, found that Traefik supported h2c as well as nginx (the "in-container" server before each site) and did some tryouts. Setup was actually much less painful than expected and I now have HTTP/2 from client to traefik then from traefik to nginx.
Now this is great but I'm wondering, does it changes anything ? I know that HTTP/2 solves some issues that HTTP/1 has (pipelineing, ...) and possible enables some improvements (server push, ...) but are those available when proxying ? For instance if the client browser multiplexes request through the http/2 connexion, are request to the backend multiplexed as well ?

My quick test doesn't show much differences but currently I can only do it on a beefed up server with very low traffic so everything is already quite fast anyway.

Does anyone has experience with h2c in a non-gRPC context ?


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